Judi's Star Quilt Collection

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1. Ohio Star - 1850-2011 - 47" x 64"

This Ohio Star quilt was made from 1840-1850 pre-Civil War fabrics by Frieda Briggs of Plainview, NY during that period. The quilting is 10-12 stitches per inch with all seams quilted in the ditch.

Shown individually are a very rare purple fabric and a blue with chrome/cheddar flowers. There are madders, lots of double pinks, paisleys, crimsons, indigos and even a touch of a blue fondue in a paisley print.            

2. Sawtooth Star On Point - 1870-1890 - 76" x 86"

The 8 Pointed Star blocks, made by Lydia Rosalind Miner of Cortland, Ohio, are set on point with alternating off white blocks. This is a thin, summer weight quilt with extensive hand quilting at 10 spi. The 8 inch border fabric is part of the colorful yellow, orange and black back and has been brought from the back to the front in a half inch binding. Great fabrics in madders, double pinks, browns, greys and a black print with tiny green leaves and yellow flowers. It has never been used nor washed and in excellent condition. 

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3. Morning Star/Star of Bethlehem - 1850-1880
    84" x 90"

This lovely red, green and light printed quilt is medium weight and beautifully done. The back also has 2 mid 19th century prints in brown and rust tones which are strip pieced together to make the whole back. The piecing is precision and the quilting is 10 spi with great attention to detail.  Unfortunately foxing has stained some of the tiny white pieces and although treated with Restoration not all could be removed. There is no wear or tears in the fabric and it appears to have never been used but stored away where the staining occurred.  Still a lovely piece and well worth preserving.  

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4. Feathered Star Quilt - 1900 - 76” x 78”

Outstanding feathered pointed star quilt with appliqued vine border in red and cheddar with a hand appliqued trailing vine border. The fabrics used are all 100 % cotton.  The batting is light weight and evenly distributed throughout the quilt and the backing is constructed of a white cotton muslin.  It is hand pieced and densely hand quilted with a floral bouquet pattern in the ground patches, a diagonal diamond pattern over the stars and a quadruple rope pattern in the border.  Stitch count measures a tiny 9-10 counting top stitches per inch. The 1/4" inch full binding is brought forward from the top to the back and entirely hand done.

5. LeMoyne or 8 Pointed Star - 1850s-2013
      68” sq. 

This quilt consists of 49 blocks made from pre Civil War and Civil War fabrics with double pinks, madders, browns, clarets, various blues and one cheddar yellow print.  Its 3” sashing and binding is a grey flowered print with red striped corner stone squares, thin batting and a light grey back.  Clean but thin with a very few age spots and quilted at 8 stp. 

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6. Seven Sisters Variation - 1900
      70" x 80"

Six pointed stars are linked together to form a circle of six stars making a variation of the Seven Sisters quilt pattern which would have had a seventh star in the center. Hand and machine pieced with a narrow, separate hand-stitched 1/4-inch binding. Seven same print diamonds have faded.  Elaborate hand quilting at 9-10 counting top stitches per inch, showing 1/4" outline quilting in the stars and overall grid lines in the white areas.  

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7. LeMoyne Star or 8 Pointed Star quilt with
      Circles - 1930-2007 - 72" x 74"

 30 Blocks hand pieced by Pearl Eunice Townsend Chidister in the 1930's from 1920's and 1930's fabrics. Assembled with 1930's circles and solid colored fabrics and hand quilted by Judi in 2007. Pearl is Judi's maternal grandmother.

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8. 19th c. Prairie Star 1 - 1880 - 64" x 84"

This quilt is truly outstanding and entirely hand pieced and quilted. There are 3 light age spots on the reverse. The quilting is immaculately fine at 11-12 spi.  A 1/2-inch grid is around all the Feather Wreaths which have star centers. The outer frame has three-line diagonals, a space and 3 more diagonal lines. Thin 1/4" separate binding blind-stitched. Thin cotton batting with slight cotton seed residue evident.  

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9. Touching Stars -1870 - 78" x 82"

The gorgeous intricate quilting and excellent condition with  spectacular quilting is all over this Touching Stars Quilt.  It is entirely hand-pieced and quilted with green, double pink, light pumpkin on off-white percale. Excellent used sturdy condition with no repairs or damage. The dense quilting is everywhere - prince's feather wreaths large and small are around each diamond piece with 1/2-inch lattice and wandering feathers around the border on all four sides. Nice thin cotton batting, separate hand stitched border.  The quilting is so close & plentiful that it gives a little puffiness similar to trapuntoed quilts. There are light water marks & a few light age marks that have to be sought out to be seen.    

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10. Touching Stars-Orange -1920 - 70” sq

This quilt is heavily quilted at 12 stitches per inch in the touching star pattern with 16 star blocks.  There are 2 shades of orange – pale and dark and a tiny delicate lavender print of flowers and leaves. It is very light weight with a thin batting and very good condition with only a small faded spot on the front. 

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11. Le Moyne Star Quilt - 1954 - 74" Square

This Le Moyne or 8 pointed star quilt is made from heavy dark blue rayon for the top with 16 star blocks composed of red and white satin. The dark blue 4 inch border is light weight wool fabric. Red embroidery thread is composed of feather stitching around all the blocks, the stars and where the back is folded over to the front to bind the quilt.  Blue cotton is the back with a light weight batting inside.  It is hand tied at each corner of the blocks with the red thread so that the ties are shown on the back.  Excellent condition and it is embroidered with the name John Todd and the date 1954.          

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12. Feathered Star Quilt - 1930 - 67" x 96"

This lovely quilt has 12 feathered stars composed of triangles made from "bubble gum" pink and "Nile" green of 1930s fabrics.  The quilt is in immaculate condition and heavily quilted at 3/8" apart in the tiny blocks and decorative patterns completely out to the edge and including the 3 borders. The quilt was made by Emma Ice Norris (Mrs Urbin E. Norris) of Kansas City, Kansas.  She was born & raised in Kansas, one of 10 children. All four girls in the family quilted and did other types of handwork. Emma exclusively quilted on a frame by herself, as she lived a distance from her other sisters, who quilted together. Emma's parents moved from Virginia to Stull, KS and became farmers. Emma had no children, so her quilts were passed on to the youngest sister, Rena Ice Stockwell, in Lawrence, KS, who eventually passed them on to her youngest daughter, Doris Stockwell Magruder of Fredericksburg, TX. Doris is currently 97 years old. She remembers Emma as the "beauty of the family," with "lots of style."        

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13. 2 Stumpwork Pillow Cases - 1930-40s
     16" Square

These exceptional pair of Pennsylvania pillow cases have backgrounds of maroon and navy velvet to show off the stumpwork of stars in  yellow, green, white and red. Stumpwork is always done as a star and occasionally as a clover. The stars are made of wool and are embroidered over metal templates. After the star is completed, the wool is clipped and brushed, thus creating a raised, rather fuzzy motif.          

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14. Lone Star with Satellites Quilt - 1910 - 78"Sq

This magnificent lone star quilt is influenced or even made by the German Pennsylvania Dutch in bright late 19th or early 20th century fabrics of calicos in red, yellow and double pinks.  Only the blue is a solid cadet blue color.  All colors are almost electric and so vibrant. There are four corner stars and four half stars on each edge with two surrounding borders of yellow and double pink and quilted at 12 sti showing on the front  with quilting lines 1/4 to 1/2" apart.  This is a stunner and in excellent condition.            

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15. Crazy Lone Star - 1900 - 64" x 68"

This 8 point Lone Star quilt is a riot of color and shapes with strong Sawtooth borders in 2 sizes. Found in Canada with no maker's name.  It is all cotton with a cotton flannel back, separately bound and hand quilted in the Clam Shell or Baptist Fan design.  In excellent condition with no tears, stains or fabric issues.             

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16. Navy & White Feathered Star Quilt - 1890
      82" x 92"

This lovely feathered star quilt made with white muslin and navy polka dot fabrics consists of 9 full size stars and 3 half size stars on one edge - most probably to be at the top to cover the pillows.  It is entirely  hand stitched including the binding and hand quilted in a 1 inch lattice counting from the top at 9 stitches per inch.  There is a very tiny and faded cross stitched name on the front which appears to be (L)ucy Davis.  (The L is partially gone so that is a guess as to the letter.)              

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17. Multicolored Touching Star Quilt - 1890s
      68' x 84"

This stunning quilt is unused and clean with 3 small blue bled out spots.  It is entirely hand-pieced and quilted with hanging diamonds throughout at 6 spi over the 100's diamonds. Cotton seed residue in the thin cotton batting.  It is made from fabric scraps of the late 1800s. The reverse is loosely woven unbleached muslin which has been brought to the front to form the hand-stitched binding.             

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18. Modified Ohio Star Quilt with Embroidery - 1930
      70"x 82"

This modified Ohio star quilt pattern has floral appliques and embroidery with 1930s green and white fabrics on the top while the back is a solid green with one corner being a darker green fabric of the 1930s.  It is hand quilted at approximately 8 stitches per inch.  The appliques are deep lavender pansies, yellow daffodils, pink bleeding hearts, blue morning glories and yellow tulips with many embroidered flowers and butterflies. It is in excellent condition with no damage nor stains.            

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19. Blazing Star - 1880 - 80" Sq

This is a lovely Blazing Star handmade antique quilt has fine quilting stitches at 12 stitches to the inch! The star is perfectly pieced and all outline quilted.  The wide outer border has an elaborate double feather quilting pattern.  The backing is a chintz fabric of a dandelion print with ferns and the binding is narrow and hand bound.  Charming quilting patterns are all along the inner border where swirling stars and flowers are quilted next to the four small pieced patchwork stars at each corner.  It is made from all cotton fabrics and batting with cotton seed residue  in the batting.  Faint pencil quilting lines are shown as it has never been washed and is in excellent condition.

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Star Quilt Tops

1. Lone Star Top – 1850s-1870s – 74” sq.  

This lovely Lone Star top consists of many Civil War fabrics which are various patterned and striped browns, a double pink, a poison green and flowered pieces with red and white backgrounds.  It is in pristine condition.

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2. Eastern Star/Broken Star Quilt Top - 1870
    89" Square

A stunning bold & bright Eastern Star/Broken Star quilt top. It is unused, unwashed, unfaded--just beautiful and  all meticulously handpieced--accurate!  Fabrics are turkey red, cheddar, dark green on a slightly off white background. 

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3. Ohio Star Quilt Top- 79" x 89" - 1880's

It is entirely hand pieced with a  lovely variety of 1800's cotton prints.

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4. Star Flower Top – 70’ x 86” – 1930-40s

This vintage Star Flower, Dalia or Missouri Daisy quilt top is done in beautiful novelty and feed sack fabrics from the 1930's through 1940's. The top is sewn with feed sack muslin and on some blocks you can see where the feed sacks seams were. There are 30 stars surrounded by  beautiful pink and yellow borders with a nine patch design at each intersection. The top is well sewn at approximately 8-9 stitches per inch. 

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